Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is purely United States Copyright Law that ensures removal of those files that have been used without any prior permission of the owner of that particular website. If you want to file complaint, you will have to follow these steps one-by-one:

1.    You will have to collect all URLs of all those offensive files.

2.    Then, for productive processing of DMCA, send email via Domain that is the legitimate one 
being used by that offending company as DMCA complaints are not accepted by Yahoo, Gmail etc.

3.    Write for sending here:

4.    This email must be with subject e.g. “DMCA” (COPNAY NAME) SUCH AS (DMCA & ABC).

5.    Finally, this must include proper identification of copyrighted, material location(s) of copyright infringement and also an explanatory statement of authority.  


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